Telangana Indiramma Indlu Latest Update| Check Application Date

Here is the Telangana Indiramma Indlu latest Update. Telangana Government announced the Indiramma Indlu Scheme during the Assembly Elections 2024. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy gave the option for people to apply for it through the Praja Palana Scheme.

Many people have applied for the Indiramma Indlu scheme. Around 85 lakh Applications were received for the Indiramma Indlu Scheme. All eligible people have applied hoping they will get financial aid of 5 lakh to construct the house. Additionally, for people who don’t have land to construct a house, the government will provide 250 yards of land for the house construction.

Telangana Indiramma Indlu Update
Telangana Indiramma Indlu Update

Many people anticipated that the Indiramma Indlu scheme would be open to application after the Sankranti Festival which was on January 15. But Praja Palana applications are still in process and government is highly focused on identifying the right beneficiaries for each of the Guaranteed schemes.

As per the latest information, Artificial Intelligence is used to select the list of beneficiaries for the Indiramma Indlu Scheme. This technology uses the information submitted through the Praja Palana Application, especially the applicant’s Aadhaar number, to identify the unique candidates based on location.

There might be cases where multiple candidates in a single family might have applied for the scheme Or the same candidate might have applied from different locations which leads to duplicate applications. The software will reject that kind of application. As per the eligibility, only one candidate in a family or a joint family is eligible for the scheme and Candidates can apply only from one resident location.

check here to know how the beneficiary list is selected for Indiramma Indlu Scheme

Once these beneficiaries are selected, those candidates are contacted and will be called for verification in Grama Sabha. The government is estimating the number of possible beneficiaries for the Indiramma Indlu scheme so that it can prepare a proper plan for the budget. Once the budget estimation is ready government will decide on the land to provide for the homeless people.

After all these decisions are final, Indiramma Indlu’s application will be live which is expected to be from December 2024. Around one month will be given for the candidates to apply.

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