Telangana Free Bus: TSRTC Travel Boost and More Jobs 2024

Mahalakshmi Scheme Telangana Free Bus travel brings Positive Changes and Compassionate Employment. Mahalakshmi scheme has been implemented to provide Telangana free Bus travel in TSRTC buses, for women across the state . In the middle of handling heavy traffic and rush of women passengers in bus Government has ensured smooth implementation and travel experience for women.

TSRTC recently revealed plans to offer 813 compassionate appointments. In Karimnagar, the minister distributed 49 appointment letters to deserving individuals.

Telangana Free Bus
Telangana Free Bus

Telangana Free Bus Travel: Boost from Mahalakshmi Scheme free bus

Due to successful implementation of Mahalakshmi Scheme Telangana Free Bus Travel, TSRTC has experienced a revival in its fortunes. The Transport Minister, Ponnam Prabhakar, shared that more and more women are using the buses, bringing back the good days for the bus service. The Mahalakshmi scheme has made the buses travel more promising, especially for women. Minister Ponnam Prabhakar is excited about the positive change it has brought to the bus service.

Telangana Free Bus Travel: More TSRTC Job Opportunities

Due to huge demand for bus travel and to make sure the Mahalakshmi scheme runs smoothly, the government added 1,000 new buses. Steps are being taken to appoint 3,000 new employees to facilitate TSRTC services on newly established routes. to make sure the buses can run on new routes. To offer better services to meet the increasing demand, Government took all the necessary directives to make sure the buses can run on new routes.

In a function held at Karimnagar Bus Depot 2 Minister handed out letters of appointment for compassionate employment, approximately 45 individuals received their employment offers at Karimnagar Bus Depot 2. Minister Prabhakar praised the hard work of the 43,000 current bus employees. They are making sure people reach their destinations safely. The minister promised to fix any problems faced by these employees and more jobs are available at TSRTC. The vacant positions will be filled soon.

Minister pointed that the government plans to give housing sites to activists who fought for Telangana. These activists faced legal issues during the movement, and this is the government’s way of supporting them.

Overall, in the middle of financial crisis the Government is going through, TSRTC’s success with the Mahalakshmi scheme is making bus travel better, and the government is making improvements to keep it that way.

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