Telangana: Farmers Will Receive 15000 Rs into your accounts from the Rythu Bharosa Scheme, but when

Congress party has announced 6 guarantee schemes among which Rythu Bharosa Scheme is providing 15000 Rs per acre for farmers and 7500 Rs for agricultural labourers on an annual basis.

Till now the government has implemented 2 schemes partially out of 6 guarantee schemes, the Rajiv Arogyasri Scheme and free bus travel for women across Telangana.


The government is focusing on all six guarantee schemes to announce within 100 days, as a part of this now the congress party is planning to invite Priyanka Gandhi to come and launch the Mahalakshmi Scheme‘s 500rs Gas cylinder and 200 units of free electricity by the end of this month.

Later the Mahalakshmi scheme the government focused on the farmer’s development as a part of this Rythu Bharosa Scheme the government will provide 15000rs per acre for farmers and 7500rs for agricultural labourers.

In 2023-24 the government has estimated around 37,831 crores for the agriculture sector by increasing the 11000 crores from the previous budget of 26831 crores.

Sources are saying that the Rythu Bharosa Scheme will be implemented in June during the rainy season because in the Rainy season crop seeding will be started.

Currently, the Rythu Bhandhu Payments are credited to the farmer’s bank accounts, but some of the farmers still need to receive the money, whoever has not received the money from the Rythu Bhandhu will the amount by the end of February.

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