Rythu Bharosa Scheme Update – the amount will be released before monsoon…

Rythu Bharosa Scheme Update – the amount will be released before monsoon…

Rythu Bharosa scheme update is here for Farmers of Telangana. Telangana Farmers have been waiting for the implementation of the Rythu Bharosa scheme. Here is a good news for them. Efforts are being made to streamline the application process for the Rythu Bharosa scheme as many people are already under the beneficiaries list of the Rythu Bhandhu Scheme of the previous government.

The Congress government of Telangana promised farmers to provide financial assistance of Rs 15000 per acre with an additional 500 Rs for paddy crops under Rythu Bharosa. This benefit is extended to tenant farmers as well. Discussion is being made to provide financial assistance in two instalments.

Revanth Reddy-led government has been working hard to fulfil all the promises made during the elections in 2023. Already Mahalakshmi scheme free TSRTC bus travel for women, 200 units of free current, 500 Rs gas cylinders and Rajiv Arogyashri 10 lakh medical assistance have been implemented and started to provide benefits for its beneficiaries.

The LS Poll code has been in place, so the government is trying to implement Rythu Bharosa, crop insurance and loan waiver benefits as soon as possible. As per the information, Rythu Bharosa will be implemented before the monsoon season. Farmers can expect the Ruthu Bharosa 15000 Rs assistance in the first week of June.

Initially, the Rythu Bharosa scheme will be implemented for farmers having less than 5 acres of land. As per the statement of Revanth Reddy, Rythu Bharosa will be implemented specifically for cultivated lands and not for real estate holdings. People who have applied for the Rythu Bhandhu Scheme during the previous government will be automatically taken under the Rythu Bharosa scheme and benefits will be granted.

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  1. The present ruling government is least bothered about the ‘Old Age Pension’ for the people who completed 58yrs n have no source of income.Atleast BRS party were doing good for us. In this coming parliament elections, we people will deeply ponder for such party who will think about us. The present ruling party has left & abandoned us in the lurch. Thanks.


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