as per the chief minister’s order, the government initiated the Rythu Bandhu Scheme amount on 21-01-2024, but on that day the amount only reached to farmers who have less than 1 acre of agricultural land. but in Telangana, 68.56 lakh farmers are eligible for the Rythu Bandhu scheme, in that the government has released the money for 29 lakh farmer’s accounts and the remaining farmers’ accounts are in freeze mode.

The official stats say that there are 39lakh farmers who have more than 1 acre of agricultural land, and they are waiting for the Rythu Bandu Scheme amount, for this the government need 7625 crore funds.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme
Rythu Bandhu Scheme

but at this moment the government is completely focusing on their 6 guarantee schemes and they are arranging funds for those 6 guarantee Praja Palana schemes. because of this, the government taking a lot more time to release the funds for all the beneficiaries of the Rythu Bandu Scheme.

The agriculture minister Tummala Nageswara Rao has explained the reasons behind why the government has not credited the Rythu Bandhu Scheme amount for all the benefieciers at once.

The reason is

  1. due to a shortage of funds, because of other welfare schemes of the state.

and he also explained that at this moment the government has released 700 crores for 29 lakh farmers’ bank accounts and the remaining 39 lakh farmers will receive the amount by the end of this month in installments.

The Government promised the farmers to release their Rythu bandu amount on December 9th but even after 40 days the government has not fulfilled all farmer’s expectations because of this the farmers are disappointed by the government.

Rythu Bandhu Payment released

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