Rythu Bandhu Funds Returned to Government’s Bank from Farmers Accounts, Check the reasons here

Rythu Bandhu Funds Returned to Government’s Bank from Farmers’ Accounts, this is a news spreading about the Rythu Bandhu Scheme. After a long wait, the government has started crediting the Rythu Bhandhu amount to farmers’ accounts. However, due to some reasons, the money in most of the transferred accounts has returned to the government account. Due to this, all the farmers who were expecting the benefit of Rythu Bhandhu are not getting it.

Rythu Bandhu which is also known as the Telangana government initiated the Farmer’s Investment Scheme to help farmers in their agricultural expenses. Through this welfare scheme, farmers are provided with funds that support two agricultural crops per year.

According to reports, the government was transferring money to around 19,000 farmers’ accounts, but all these accounts returned the money to the government bank. Farmers have applied for the Rythu Bandhu benefit, hoping that it will support their agricultural investments, but many are concerned that they are missing out on benefits that could have supported them in due course.

An investigation revealed that one of the reasons for the problem was a mismatch in beneficiary names between government records and bank records. Funds are transferred from a bank account to a government account, even if there is a slight difference in the spelling of the name or surname.

Another reason is that some farmer accounts are not active, and many accounts are suspended or already closed. Due to this, it is difficult for the government to pay the loans to the farmers under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme. Every farmer is advised to double-check their bank account details with government records which are your submitted application details for Rythu Bandhu and bank records. Once everything is correctly matched, everyone gets the right benefit as soon as possible.

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