Telangana government has clarified that if a ration card is not done KYC then you are not eligible for any guarantee schemes of Telangana government like Mahalakshmi Scheme, Cheyutha Scheme, Yuva Vikasam, Indiramma Indlu, Raitha Bharosa and Gruha Jyoti.

Residents of Telangana must complete their ration card KYC to avail the benefits of guaranteed schemes.

Ration card is not done KYC
The ration card is done KYC

Aadhaar card linking with ration card plays an important role in verifying the genuineness of ration card as some residents are using fake ration cards and those cards are not yet KYCed, KYC is now mandatory to prevent all these.

Ration card KYC should be done on or before 31-01-2024 to avail all benefits of guaranteed schemes.

Failure to complete the ration card will result in the rejection of the application form even if the KYC submits the Praja Palana application.

After completion of Ration Card KYC, Praja Palana Application Form will be taken into account by Telangana Government.

After 17-01-2024 the officials will visit all the houses for document verification and only then the government will approve your Praja Palana applications.

8 thoughts on “రేషన్ కార్డు – If your Ration card KYC is not done then you are not eligible for any guarantee schemes of the Telangana government”

  1. If it’s transparent n goes to genuine needed people..nothing like that… government is working hard….middle men shouldn’t play..thx

  2. Now this kyc with ration card is a headache for my father the problem is on the ration card the aadhar card is linked of some other person whose name is exactly same as my dad’s we have been back and forth between the ration office and adhaar office multiple times the reply we get is it will take least an year as there is a new government I have the recipient and everything but this issue is since October and we made this complaint in November please help and suggest

  3. Namaste sir / madam Due to ill health I can’t Submit my Praja Palana Application form, please inform me now when I have to Submit my Praja Palana Application form??.. Thanks 🙏🙏

    • Hello Mujeeb Uddin. I am just a user, and know the details related to praja palana scheme, so I am just providing you the response based on that.

      Though the praja palana applications have already been submitted by lakhs of people. You can still submit the form by filling all the details at your area’s mandal office. For further details and clarifications, please visit the mandal office.

  4. Those having building they have white ration card …in basis of caste they are preparing cards I thing on basis of their economical status should be benefited


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