Prepaid Electricity Meter – if you want Electricity You need to replace your electricity meters with rechargeable Prepaid Meters

The government is starting prepaid Electricity meters soon. Union Minister of Power has taken the revolutionary decision to improve how we manage our electricity consumption. As per the information, The government is planning to install prepaid Electricity meters for all the consumers of the country. The government has made a very helpful decision under the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS).

What are Prepaid Meters and how it works

Prepaid Electricity meters work like mobile phones. Before you can use electricity, you need to recharge your electricity meter with a certain amount of money. Once this amount runs out, consumers will be reminded constantly to recharge their electricity meters. If you fail to recharge, the electricity supply will be temporarily discontinued. But once you recharge it, the electricity supply will be restored in minutes so that it will not affect the daily life of consumers

Prepaid Electricity Meter
Prepaid Electricity Meter

Benefits of Prepaid Electricity Meters.

You will be in control of your electricity usage which avoids shocking electricity bills at the end of the month

Since you only use the amount of electricity that you have recharged for, prepaid meters will reduce the wastage of power consumption.

Power consumption can be monitored with the help of the mobile app, which will adjust your electricity usage.

If you are not at home, you can turn off the electricity meter, saving you a lot of money and energy.

Government Plan for Prepaid Meters

The government is planning to install overall 19.79 crores of Prepaid Electricity Meters countrywide along with 52.19 lakh distribution transformers and 1.88 lakh smart meters
The government is also offering a credit of 300 Rs to consumers for emergency usage.
Every consumer has to follow the Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for the installation of prepaid meters, issued by the Central Power Department

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