Many people have doubts about how to find their Praja Palana application number for checking the Praja Palana Application status. The Praja Palana Scheme introduced by the Telangana Congress Party simplifies the application process for all guarantee schemes. Instead of applying separately for each scheme, candidates can use a single application to apply for their desired schemes.

People could apply for the Praja Palana application from December 26, 2023, to January 6, 2024. However, the government is considering a decision to allow applications for this scheme throughout the entire year. The latest information suggests that data entry for the received applications is currently in progress. The government is instructing Mandal Officers to complete the data entry within this month so that people can get the benefits for applied schemes as soon as possible.

Praja Palana Application Number
Praja Palana Application Number

The government has launched a new portal where applicants can now check the status of their Praja Palana Application. Through the status of the application you can refer to the progress of your application

Once the candidate has successfully applied for the scheme, they will be given an application receipt or acknowledgement containing all the details about the application. In case you are not provided with this application receipt, please ask at the application counter, and they will provide it. Don’t forget to receive the receipt because Candidates need to refer to their application acknowledgement to know the status and details of their application.

These are the details you can find in your application receipt or acknowledgement

  • Ward Code or Panchayat Name: This includes the ward number or the name of the panchayat to which you belong.
  • Application Number: The application Number that you need, to know your application status. Numerical only.
  • Your Name: Your name will be mentioned on the receipt.
  • Father or Husband Name: The name of your father or husband will be included.
  • List of Schemes Applied: This section outlines all the schemes you have applied for, such as the Mahalakshmi Scheme, Rythu Bharosa Scheme, Cheyutha Scheme, Indiramma Indlu, and Gruha Jyoti Scheme. Please note that a separate application process will soon be initiated for the Yuva Vikasam Scheme.
  • Village/Municipality Details: Details of your village or municipality, including the name, ward number, and signatures.
  • Officer Details: Information about the officer who received your application, including their name, signature, and the date of receipt.
  • Seal from the Officer: It is important to remember to obtain a seal from the officer on the receipt, as it serves as validation for your application.

In the application receipt or acknowledgement, you can find important details related to your application for the Praja Palana scheme. Sometimes, Applicants may not find their application number in their Receipt, possibly because the officer might have forgotten to issue the receipt or any other reason for that matter. This can make it difficult for them to track their application status.

If you can’t find the application number on your receipt, don’t worry. Just visit the nearest Praja Palana centre or MeeSeva centre where you submitted your application. Show your receipt to the officer and inquire about the Application Number. They will verify the details on your receipt with their application register records and provide you with the Application Number.

Even if you don’t have the receipt, you can still obtain your application number by providing the officer with your details such as Aadhar, ration card, and personal information. They will verify this information and provide you with a receipt containing your Application Number.

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