Here is the new ration card update. Many people are asking when will Telangana new Ration Card be released to the government. Telangana government has announced that a ration card is mandatory to avail benefits of guarantee schemes. People have applied for all the schemes through Praja Palana. But people without ration cards are worried about losing the opportunity to benefit from the scheme.

CM Revanth Reddy, seeing people’s queries about ration cards, said that those who do not have ration cards can apply for them through Praja Palana. Due to this many people have applied for new ration cards from December 28 to January 6 through administration application. Many people are applying for ration cards through the MeeSeva portal as well.

New Ration Card Update
New Ration Card Update

People have lots of questions about when the newly applied ration card will be released. Currently, the government is focusing on removing the ineligible candidates from the new ration card list. On the other hand eKYC process for ration cards is in progress. Ekyc for ration card is expected to be completed by this month as the last date has been extended till February 29.

For people who fail to do ration card eKYC, their name will be deleted from the ration card list and they have to apply for a new ration card. So the new ration card will be issued only after this eKYC process is completed. Everyone should have a ration card to get benefits from the scheme.

As per the New Ration Card Update, all the people who have applied for the new ration card can expect it in March.

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