New Bank Rules 2024: These Banks Changed Rules For Saving Accounts Minimum Balance

New Bank Rules have been formed for the service of savings accounts. These new rules will be effective from May 1. These new rules are regarding minimum average balance requirements for different saving accounts. These changes apply to customers who have bank accounts with specific banks. Read more to find out which banks are implementing these changes.

These New Bank Rules are applicable in Regular Savings accounts. As per New Bank Rules, the annual fee of the debit card will be Rs 2000, except in rural areas where Rs 99 stays the same. Checkbooks with 25 leaves are free annually, but after that, each leaf costs Rs 4.

IMPS transaction bills are changed. Each IMPS transaction will charge in the range from Rs 2.50 to Rs 15 depending on the transaction value. Home and non-home branch transaction charges, including third-party transactions, will be adjusted.

New Bank Rules 2024
New Bank Rules 2024

As per New Bank Rules, the changes For Account Pro Max, you must keep at least Rs 50,000 as an average balance. The maximum amount you’ll be charged is Rs 1,000. Savings Account Pro Plus, Yes Essence SA, and YES Respect SA now require a minimum balance of Rs 25,000. The highest charge for these accounts is Rs 750.

Saving Account PRO needs a minimum of Rs 10,000 as a balance, with charges also limited to Rs 750. Additionally, charges billed for various services have also been changed including minimum average balance, cash transaction charges, ATM Fees, etc.

Not only that decisions have been made to close several types of savings accounts in the future These include Advantage Woman Savings Account, Privilege Accounts Advantage Woman Saving Account, Asset Linked Saving Account, and Aura Savings Account. These new rules apply to customers holding savings accounts in Yes Bank and ICICI Bank.

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