Mahalakshmi scheme update 14-02-2024

Day by day Mahalakshmi Scheme (Mahalakshmi scheme update 14-02-2024) is trending in Telangana which aims to provide Rs 2500 to women and Rs 500 LPG cylinders to all the families of Telangana. The government is now fulfilling the projects one by one as part of the guarantee schemes.

So far the government has partially fulfilled the Mahalakshmi scheme by providing free TSRTC bus travel to women across Telangana. still, the government needs to fulfil 2 more sub-schemes of the Mahalakshmi scheme by providing Rs 2500 to the women and Rs 500 LPG cylinders to all households of Telangana.

On Sunday the government held a meeting on budget and guarantee schemes, everyone expected that the government would have good news regarding the Mahalakshmi scheme but the government has not taken any decision on this.

In Telangana, party members are saying that all 6 guarantee schemes will be provided to the people of Telangana within 100 days after the formation of the new government, but as of today more than 60 days have already passed since the new government formation, but the government has not taken such a good decision for the sake of people.

As we come to the Praja Phala application, the status is still not showing to anyone, the data feeding to the portal was already done on 14th January but still, the government is delaying showing the Praja Palana application status.

In the end, to keep the promise the government have to complete all the guaranteed schemes including the Mahalakshmi scheme within 100 days. But even today there is no such good news for people. Still, the government has 40 more days to keep its promise. People of Telangana will have to wait for a few more days to see the progress of the project.

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