Mahalakshmi Scheme Free Bus Controversy Telangana | ఉచిత బస్సు రద్దు చేయబడిందా లేదా

Recently Government of Telangana introduced Free Buses for all women of Telangana under the Mahalakshmi Scheme. But the Mahalakshmi Scheme FREE BUS is under Controversy as a petition has been filed against it at Telangana High Court.

Telangana Government led by Revanth Reddy has initiated Free Bus for women of Telangana. The petition questions the Telangana Government about the implementation of FREE BUS under the Mahalakshmi Scheme, which is for Only Women In Telangana and not for Men which leads to Gender discrimination. The Battle of this petition has been under serious discussion at the Telangana High Court. This petition is getting much user interest as it proceeds.

Mahalakshmi scheme free bus
Mahalakshmi scheme free bus

A man named Harender filed a petition for Free Bus in Telangana. Man appeals about cancelling the Mahalakshmi Free Bus scheme. Many incidents are provoking this appeal, and men have expressed the consequences they are facing of this scheme, as the bus fare is increasing for their travel. They supported the Petition by saying that many buses are denying free travel to women. As a result, the Telangana High Court has sent a legal notice to the Tourism Development Corporation.

Telangana High Court has asked for the complete details of the Telangana Congress Government about the steps they have legally taken to implement this scheme in the state and have asked to submit a writ plea and a Public Interest Litigation (PIL).

According to TSRTC MD Sajjanar, Mahalakshmi Scheme Free TSRTC Bus travel initiative is in accordance with the government directions. But the Writ petition and a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) have been rejected by the High Court of Telangana, Now the case has been moved to the Supreme Court, giving national attention to this petition.

The scheme is about “equality, not inequality

The government of Telangana has clearly initiated this Mahalakshmi Scheme Free TSRTC Bus travel to reduce the burden of travel expenses for women, to make them independent to explore society and to provide equal opportunity. There is no intention of Gender discrimination or ruining the travel experience for others. Women and Transgenders can avail of this benefit so that they will not depend on anyone for their travel expenses in the state. The scheme has not led to any increase in bus fair for anyone. The government is reimbursing all the costs that the scheme has cost. It is requested everyone make use of the benefits and support the rules.

To know more about the Mahalakshmi scheme free travel bus eligibility click here

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  1. Ee free bus idea manchidhe,,,but dhinini chala mandhi miss use chesukuntunnaru…dhini valla avasram ayina varaki ibbandigaa untundi,,, emarjency ga velle vaariki ibbandi kaligistunnam… plssssssssssssssss andhariki….elaa chesi mana mahilala pai vunna respect ni ponivakandi…..🙏

    • Hi sir …ee free bus scheme manchidhe …kaani ..atleast atleast ladies ki icchina seats lone kurchimanandi ..

      Ala kakunda …gents seats lo kurchovadam emi bago ledhu ..

      Free ga velle vaallu gents seats lo kurchovadam emiti .money pay chese gents nilchovadam emiti …idhi entha varaku correct koncham think ..

      Dhaya chesi evariki ketainchina seats lo
      vallaneh kurchomanandi……


  2. This decision was taken without much thought, women just roaming all over Telangana, if they want to go to other states they go upto Telangana borders and catch bus or train to go to other states

  3. Please.give chance tsrtc bus free bus scheme who cannot.afford to take ticket Please 🙏 G.BHASKAR ADVOCATE 9848555968 HIGH COURT OF TELANGANA PLEASE 🙏

  4. Hi
    Hon chief minister sir .
    This scheme is very gud for womens but a there must some rules like ..above 45 yrs womens are eligible .

    I kindly request this should be happen 🙏🙏🙏 thnq …
    If I am wrong iam sorry …

  5. Respected Sir,
    I think Free Bus is very useful for Women
    But it should be provided only for working women and School, College Students.
    And Women who are above 60 Years.

  6. Give free bus ticket to ladies and give 60% discount for men who are traveling on the bus to their workplace.

    Humble request is ask women to sit in their respective places/seats without occupying other seats as well as LADIES misbehaving with male passengers and using foul language strict action must be taken.
    In public interest
    Jai Hind Jai maa bharti

  7. It is good to have free bus service for ladies, it should be for below poverty people. Govt can spend budget in providing good hospitality service. Now-a-days, private schools are increasing school fees (min. 10% yearly). It would be good, if government focus and reduce the school fees.

  8. Honorable chief minister revanth Reddy sir.
    Mahalakshmi scheme lo konni marpulu cheyandi.
    Only 3days in a week free ticket for 50 years
    Below women’s in Rtc bus.
    Example Saturday. Sunday and Monday.
    Above 50 years women’s free ticket Rtc bus 7days in a week.
    This conditions fallow by government
    Government allso befits in the scheme
    And poor private vehicles owner’s allso benefit in the scheme.
    Example private busses. Auto motor vehicle owner’s and poor private vehicles
    Please cm sir this is my little sussition.


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