People of Telangana who have applied for the Mahalakshmi scheme through the Praja Palana application can expect its benefits soon. In the recent interview with Revanth Reddy, the process for the implementation of all six guarantees has been accelerated. All the beneficiaries can expect the Mahalakshmi Scheme first instalment amount of Rs. 2500 soon before the Lok Sabha Elections.

As we know, Praja Palana has received many applications from candidates for various schemes. Since the application process was offline, officials are trying their best to soon digitalize the application data.

Mahalakshmi Scheme
Mahalakshmi Scheme

Revanth Reddy has obtained details regarding the progress of data entry for the Praja Palana application, and he directed Mandals and offices to complete it as soon as possible because the Congress government aims to implement all the schemes before the Lok Sabha Election begins which is expected on or before March 2024.

Under the Mahalakshmi scheme, three benefits were announced for the women of Telangana, such as

These two benefits are in the implementation progress for which the CM needs them to be completed within the Lok Sabha Polls.

Officials informed CM Revanth Reddy about the number of applications received for the Mahalakshmi scheme. They have informed Revanth Reddy that data entry is completed for almost all the applications, and about 91.49 lakh women applied for the Rs. 500 Subsidy Gas cylinders, and 92.23 lakh women applied for the Rs. 2500 financial assistance benefit under the Mahalakshmi scheme. For only these two benefits, the highest number of applications is received out of all other schemes.

As the application data entry is almost done, everyone is provided with the option to check the status of their application. Candidates can check if their application details are digitized or not and if the entered details are correct.

If the entered details are not correct, government officials are going to visit your place for door-to-door verification to verify the beneficiary details and validate the application. You can correct the details by showing them the necessary documents.

Revanth Reddy asked officials to begin the field verification as soon as possible. To identify the beneficiaries, many guidelines are designed for government officials, which are still in discussion. After the Cabinet sub-committee meeting on all the six guarantees by Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikrama, these guidelines will be finalized for officials to identify the beneficiaries for all the schemes. These guidelines are expected to be released in the first week of February.

Rythu Bhandhu Payment released

Praja Palana Application number

Asara Pension

Rythu Bhandhu payment has not been received

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  1. What are guide lines for Mahalakshmi Scheme.So that people can check themselves for their eligibility. We can guide also.

  2. Please stop this haphazard videos which do not solve the expectations of the people. I feel these are nonsense videos.

  3. CM REVANTH REDDY GARU, When will you start the ‘Old Age Pension’ new citizens of Telangana who are 58+ People who are helpless, having diseases for buying medicines n meet daily basic needs. Pls heed on to this request atleast as I appealed several times. Pls think how much importance is this issue. You are doing great work. What about us sir., Pls process the above cited subject n help us. Thanks

  4. Among all the 5 schemes, the top most priority must be ‘Old Age Pension’ bcoz people who are 58+ are helpless, medicines to be bought, meeting their basic needs & unavoidable requirements. Pls sanction n grant our aid at the earliest. Sir, you are doing great works. Pls have your kindness on us too. Thanks

  5. Without taking public women’s bank account how Mahalakshmi Scheme 2500 Rs will get released??


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