Maha Lakshmi Scheme free TSRTC Bus Travel for Women

  • Officially Congress Government of Telangana, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has launched one of the benefits under the Maha Lakshmi scheme which is Free TSRTC Bus travel for all women in Telangana. The scheme applies to all TSRTC including  local and express busses effective from 09-12-2023
  • The statement “GO” has been used to officially launch the scheme to the state that depicts free travel for all women in Telangana irrespective of any age.
  • This scheme launch decision was made within 24 hours of the cabinet meeting after the congress party victory in the Telangana Assembly Elections.
  • This is one of the major benefits included under the Maha Lakshmi scheme and other benefits announced under this scheme will be declared soon.
  • As per the announcement, the “GO” by A Vani Prasad, Principal Secretary, this scheme aims to provide travel allowance for all girls and women of all age groups including transgenders who are residents of Telangana and they can travel anywhere within the borders of Telangana, it is specifically mentioned that even in the case of interstate busses free travel for women will be applicable up to the borders of Palle Velugu and Express buses.
  • As of now women residents of Telangana can make use of this benefit with the help of any Government ID proof of residence, namely, an Aadhar card, Voter ID, or any License that validates the residence. They can use these IDs to travel freely anywhere within the state of Telangana.
  • Later in due course, a software-based smart card will be issued for women residents of Telangana to travel free in TSRTC busses. Once this smart card is announced all women have to apply for this card and utilize the same for free travel. 

Mahalakshmi scheme free TSRTC Bus order copy

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i. The Scheme is for the benefit of girls and women of all age groups and transgender persons who are domiciled in Telangana.

ii. They can travel anywhere within the borders of Telangana State in Palle Velugu and Express buses with effect from 09.12.2023.

iii. Travel in inter-state Express and Palle Velugu buses will be free up to the borders of Telangana State.

iv. The Government of Telangana shall reimburse the expenditure to TSRTC towards chargeable fares which would have been collected based on actual distance traveled by women passengers.

Order Copy Details

The Government of Telangana hereby launches the “6 Guarantees – Maha Lakshmi” scheme, under which girls and women of all age groups and transgender persons who are domicile of Telangana shall freely travel in the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation-run buses. Accordingly, under the “Maha Lakshmi” scheme, the following guidelines are prescribed for the Implementation of the scheme by the TSRTC in the State of Telangana.

2.The VC & MD, TSRTC shall take further necessary action in the matter and issue detailed instructions for implementation of the Scheme w.e.f.09.12.2023 Α.Ν. 3. The VC & MD, TSRTC shall make arrangements to develop a software based Maha Lakshmi smart card in due course. 4. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide U.O.No. 1879-A/412/A2/BG/2023, dt. 08.12.2023. 

5 thoughts on “Maha Lakshmi Scheme Free TSRTC Bus Travel for women approved by Telangana State Government”

  1. Scheme is good, but I believe free bies should not be entertained, instead government can think of reducing the prices as done or cylinders.
    I remember we used to take ticket charging 5-10 rs, which was really a appreciated one.

  2. I request Talangana government to stop free bus service.
    They should reduce the ticket price frorm minimum 5 to maximum Rs.10.
    This was found misuse of free service.
    Hope government will consider the same .

  3. free scheme is paving path to frivolous travel by women. So the government should deliberate about subsidising the prices instead of free travel.


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