April 28 – LPG Price in Telangana

LPG Price in Telangana

The LPG Price in Telangana is mainly determined by the global crude price and the state oil companies. The LPG cylinder price is not going to change day by day, the price is going to change once a month according to the global crude oil rates.

in India we are not extracting so much crude oil because of this we are going to import the oil from the Arab countries, Russia and the United States of America.

In India there the government is distributing the LPG cylinders mainly in two variants, 14.2 kgs for domestic purposes and 19 kgs for commercial purposes.

Based on the purpose of usage the government has divided these into two categories and according to this price of the LPG cylinder varies.

let’s see the LPG price in Telangana state (district-wise)

DistrictDomestic Price
Commercial Price
Karim Nagar8742033.50

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