This extensive job calendar for 2024 by the Telangana state government jobs, led by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, shows the commitment of the government to job creation.

Telangana government has released its job calendar for 2024, which offers job opportunities for over 2 lakh individuals to secure good positions in various departments. Telangana Congress Government has released dates for its promised schemes, along with the calendar that outlines a schedule for releasing notifications for different job categories.

Job Calendar

With the vision to enhance the recruitment process’s transparency and efficiency, the Telangana government had a discussion with UPSC Chairman Manoj Soni on January 5th. The goal is to make TSPSC more organized and follow the standards set by UPSC, the national-level recruitment agency.

Chief UPSC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy explained this plan on January 4th, which will lead to a smoother and more efficient recruitment process in Telangana.

February 1st, 2024:

On this date, notifications for Group 1 posts (first phase) will be released. The list includes various roles within the government service in Telangana. These roles range from administrative positions such as Deputy Collectors in the Revenue Department and Deputy Superintendent of Police to roles in health and welfare, like Lay Secretary/Administrative Officer in the Director of Public Health and Family Welfare HOD and District Social Welfare Officer Deputy Superintendent of Jails. Other significant roles involve managing financial matters, such as Assistant Treasury Officer in TS Treasuries and Account Services and Deputy Registrar in Cooperative Societies. Additionally, the list comprises positions related to district-level governance, like District BC Welfare Officer and District Registrar in Registration Department. The transportation sector is also represented by roles like RTO (Regional Transport Officer). Furthermore, the list includes roles focused on employment and training, such as District Employment Officer in TS Employment and Training Service. The comprehensive list showcases the diverse opportunities available within the government service in Telangana.

March 1st, 2024:

On this date, notifications for uniform staff posts will be released.

April 1st, 2024:

On this date, notifications for Group 2 posts (first phase) will be released. These roles include Assistant Commercial Tax Officer, Assistant Labour Officer in the Commissioner of Labour Department, Assistant Development Officer (ADO) in Handlooms and Textiles, Deputy Tahsildar in Land Administration, Prohibition and Excise Sub Inspector, Municipal Commissioner Gr.III in the Municipal Administration Sub Service, Assistant Registrar in the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Municipal Commissioner Gr.III, Assistant Section Officer (ASO) in the Finance Department Secretariat, Extension Officer, Executive Officer Grade-I in the Endowments Department, Assistant Section Officer GAD (Single Unit) Secretariat, Sub-Registrar Gr.II, and Assistant Section Officer in the Law Department Secretariat. These positions cover a diverse range of responsibilities and departments, providing ample opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the state.

May 1st, 2024:

This includes notifications for Group 2 posts (second phase), opening doors for various positions. Additionally, there will be notifications for health-related roles like Staff Nurses, other nursing posts, and hospital assistants, providing opportunities for those in the medical field. Moreover, there will be notifications for paramedical posts, including roles for physiotherapists and pharmacists. The announcements will also cover Assistant Executive and Assistant Engineer positions, bringing opportunities for individuals with engineering backgrounds. Furthermore, notifications for roles in agriculture, such as Agriculture Officer, Horticultural Officer, and Veterinary Officer, will be part of the upcoming job announcements.

June 1st, 2024:

Notification for Group 3 posts (first phase). These positions include roles like Auditor (Pay and Accountant), Junior Accountant (Government Life Insurance Subdivisions), Senior Accountant (Treasury), Assistant Section Officer (Legislature Sub Service), Senior Auditor (Local Funds and Audit Service), Assistant Auditor (Pay and Account Subdivisions), Senior Accountant, Typist Cum Assistant (Legislature Subdivisions), Typist Cum Assistant (Finance Department), Assistant Section Officer (Secretariat), Typist Cum Assistant (Secretariat Subdivisions), Typist Cum Assistant (Law Department – Secretariat), Assistant Cum Typist (HOD Office), Junior Assistant (HOD Office), and ASO (Law Department Secretariat Subdivisions).

Notification for Group 4 posts (first phase). These positions include roles like Typist in Disaster Response and Fire Services, Junior Steno in Commercial Tax Department, Junior Assistant in Panchayat Raj, Typist in the Revenue Department, Junior Assistant in Commercial Tax Department, JA in Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parishad, Village Revenue Officer (VRO), Typist in Panchayat Raj, Junior Assistant in the Revenue Department, Junior Assistant in I&CAD, Junior Assistant in Forest Department, Junior Steno in Disaster Response and Fire Services, Junior Steno in the Revenue Department, Village Revenue Assistant (VRA), Junior Steno in I&CAD, Junior Assistant in Director Of Medical Education.

Additionally, notifications also include Village Revenue Officer (VRO) and village panchayat secretaries, as well as technical staff at the village and Mandal levels, such as Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors (AMVI), Agriculture Officers (AO), Technical Personnel Officers (TPO), Agricultural Extension Officers (AEO), Drug inspectors, Food Safety Officers (FSO), veterinary assistants, lab technicians, field supervisors, horticulture assistants, marketing assistants, and boiler operators.

August 1st, 2024:

Notification for posts like Medical Council, medical colleges, Doctor and public health department.

December 1st, 2024:

Notification for Group 3 posts (second phase), and Group 4 posts (second phase).
various positions will be announced in different phases, including Agriculture Officer (AO), Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (AMVI), Town Planning Officer (TPO), Drug Inspector, Agricultural Extension Officer (AEO), Food Safety Officer (FSO), lab technicians, and veterinary assistants. The release of uniform staff posts is scheduled for the second phase of notifications.

December 15th, 2024:

Notification for Group 2 posts (second phase), Staff nurses, other nursing posts, hospital assistants, Paramedical posts, physiotherapists, pharmacists posts (second phase) and Teacher posts (second phase) will be released.


As per the above-mentioned dates the eligible candidates can apply for the job, and it is important to note that priority will be given to residents of Telangana, so if you are a resident of Telangana and meet all the educational requirements, then you can expect a job position in any of the mentioned departments.

There are more notifications yet to be released, for many positions such as Hospital Assistants, Staff Nurses, Other Nursing Jobs, Paramedical Positions, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and more.

Interested candidates are informed to stay informed and regularly check for official notifications to secure positions in the public sector. Everything related to the job syllabus, FAQS, and helpful online and offline tests will be published soon.

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  1. Good morning,
    This government jobs calender shows really promising. Congratulations to all the applicants in future competitive exams. Due to lack of job creation, students after their studies has to leave their country for better placement. It is nothing but brain drain.
    All thanks to government and all the best for future endeavors.

  2. What about previous exams like group 4 which has been conducted in 2023 till now they haven’t released the results so now it means like we have to give the exam again and again they will do like this stuff they are simply ruining the future of students that’s it

  3. My husband try for police job for many times and many years but he didn’t got the job. We are Telangana people but we r not having own house and any parmanent job . How we can survive this life? We are the middle class people we are facing so many challages in life. Without own house we are unable to pay rent.

    Please for Telangana government am requesting please take a look on us ..

  4. But.bcz of like oc.candidate of some are poor pls request to the government don’t see the caste remove this caste system.

  5. This government and the staff of government is lier my husband went for interview he has been rejected based on religion.
    He has given successfully performance by listening his name he has been rejected by madam among 5 members 3 has been selected based on caste

  6. My name is Navya I am 12th stand completed and iam search for job Naku peda intlo putina MRHIT chesa Naku unna Califcashan lo okka job pls sir


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