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Important news for Telangana people. Indiramma Indlu has new eligibility criteria. The Telangana government has already started to implement all the guarantee schemes. People have been curious about the government’s next steps for these schemes.

Gruha Jyothi and 500 Rs gas cylinders will be available to everyone from February 27th. Now the Government has announced an important rule regarding a scheme.

Indiramma Indlu Scheme New Eligibility
Indiramma Indlu Scheme New Eligibility

Free travel for women and Arogya Sri has already started and people have been getting services from those schemes. The government is discussing important decisions to be taken for the next schemes to be announced.

Indiramma Indlu scheme is one of the six guarantees of the Congress Government. Indiramma Indlu scheme aims to provide financial assistance for house construction and sites to build houses for landless people.

However, due to a whopping 82,82,332 applications received for the Indiramma Indlu, there is a discrepancy between the target number of houses and the allocated budget. As a result of this, concerns have been raised regarding the scheme’s implementation and eligibility criteria.

As per the recent announcement by the Telangana government, the government has allocated 7740 crores for 4.16 lakh house constructions.

But as per the estimation, 20825 crores is required for the scheme equating to 5 lakh per house as per Indiramma Indlu scheme benefit. Due to the large number of applications received government has to come up with feasible housing solutions in the state

In the middle of these financial crises, questions have been raised about the eligibility of the scheme. Certain conditions might be imposed on the eligibility of the scheme such as ownership of the two-wheelers or cars, as well as the ownership of luxury items like AC (Air Conditioner) and washing machines may disqualify applicants. Not only that officials are reviewing the applications received for the scheme for applicants’ electricity usage and financial status to guarantee that scheme benefits are extended to individuals who faced genuine economic hardships.

Efforts are being made by municipal and revenue staff to conduct field studies to identify applicants’ financial condition and standard of living aiming that the scheme reaches those most in need of housing assistance

Once the genuinely deserving beneficiaries are listed, the scheme benefits will be announced to them. The government must address budget concerns and streamline the eligibility criteria to ensure that the scheme fulfills its objective of providing financial assistance to those who need houses.

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