Indiramma Indlu Launch Date Announced by the Telangana Government | CM to roll out Indiramma Indlu Scheme

Telangana Government has decided to launch its 5th guarantee scheme which is Indiramma Indlu. Through this scheme financial assistance for the construction of houses will be provided for those who don’t have their own houses and land will be provided for people looking for land to build their own house.

The government has decided to launch these welfare schemes before Lok Sabha. On March 11 2024 the Telangana government is going to announce this scheme for the people of Telangana.

Indiramma Indlu Launch Date Announced by the Telangana Government
Indiramma Indlu Launch Date Announced by the Telangana Government

From December, the Telangana government has taken initiatives to implement all its guaranteed schemes, now the fifth guarantee scheme Indiramma Indlu will be implemented for 3500 beneficiaries from each assembly constituency.

As per an estimation, 21,000 crores is required to grant 5 lakh financial assistance alone for over 4.16 lakhs of beneficiaries in the first phase. This estimation does not include plots or lands which will be allocated for the landless people

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy during a review meeting directed officials to establish guidelines for implementation of the scheme as well as the release of funds in a phased manner to ensure the smooth launch of the scheme. The government has also decided steps to prevent the misuse of funds in the name of the construction of houses.

Important to note that, the scheme will give priority to those who have applied for the Indiramma Indlu scheme through the Praja Palana Application. The government is all set to not make any mistakes in providing scheme benefits to its genuine beneficiaries

The government handed over the responsibility of the construction of houses to Engineers from various departments, they will be monitoring the construction of Indiramma houses under the supervision of respective District commissioners.

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