Gruha Lakshmi Scheme cancelled by TS Government

Today morning 03-01-2024 the government officially stated that the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme cancelled and it is to be renamed as the Abhayahastam ( Indiramma Indlu ) Scheme. The beneficiaries who all were getting the benefits and who all had already received the check from district commissioners are also been collapsed.

Now from the new application of Indiramma Indlu, all are required to apply for the benefit of Abhayahastam Scheme.

The order was issued last night 02-01-2024.

The Gruha Lakshmi Scheme was previously announced by the KCR Government in Telangana By providing 300000 Rs for the construction of a new House but now it increased to 500000 Rs in the Indiramma Indlu Scheme.

over 15 lakh applications are already present in the database of the Gruhalakshmi scheme, now all are required to reapply for the benefit of the Abhayahastam scheme.

Abhayahastam Scheme Eligibility

  1. should be a permanent resident of Telangana
  2. he should not hold any land

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Gruha Lakshmi Scheme Cancelled
Gruha Lakshmi Scheme Cancelled

Status Check

Documents Required for Abhahastam Scheme

  1. Proof of not owning a land.
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Ration card
  4. Bank Passbook
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Income Certificate

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