Today Minister Danasari Anasuya Seethakka has confirmed that the 200 units of free electricity and 500 Rs gas cylinders will be provided within 100 days of the government formation.

as she said we already received the application for the above schemes and now the data entry is to be done in the portal, the ones who are eligible for these schemes will get the benefit and we are now scrutinizing the applications that we received by Praja Palana.

free electricity

The further step is that, after the perfect scrutiny of the application, the eligible members list will be sorted for these energy schemes, and the data entry will be processed by the government bodies. It will be finished by 17th January 2024, after that the applicant can directly visit the to check their application status.

if the one who missed applying the Praja plana application they need to wait till a further slot of application which will be held in the next 4 months. Don’t miss the next application slot or else again you need to wait a further 4 months for the next application slot.

from now onwards until all the applicants register for the Praja Palana scheme the government has scheduled an application slot for every 4months

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  1. Dear CM, plese work on a system to give one govt job per couple.. No couple should be allowed to have two govt jobs… If two govt job holders agree to marry each other, then one should surrender his or her govt job, they can keep their best and leave the other… Two govt jobs can be their in a family but not among a couple… By this way, social security will increase, corruption reduces, dowry system reduces, equal share of profits, a smile at every home, equal opportunities to every family, no biased recommendations, etc,,, so many good things can happen over this thought and action… All the best…


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