The Government is planning to implement a Farmer loan waiver of 2 lakh benefits on crops in the Telangana state, it may soon implemented to reduce the financial burden of farmers on their crops.

The Telangana government has taken a major step towards the farmer loan waiver, now the finance department of Telangana has started to collect the data from all the banks and agriculture cooperative societies.

Farmer Loan Waiver
Farmer Loan Waiver

at this moment as per the stats, 39 lakh farmers are eligible for the loan wavier, and the government requires 40 thousand crores amount to fulfil the farmer loan wavier

The farmer loan waiver issue persisted from the old government, and till now it has not been resolved, because of this the now the new government has taken an initiative towards this.

the government is planning to take a loan from the bank and transfer the farmer’s loan to their account directly with the consultation of financial bankers. This plan will be finalized before this year’s budget and if it is approved then it will be announced in the 2024 Telangana budget session.

there is no clear clarity about the loan waiver implementation date as of now but the loan waiver issue will be resolved within this current year.

  1. farmer Loan Waiver – Upto 2,00,000
  2. Fund needed – 40000 Crores

Because of the Government 6 guarantee schemes the farmer loan waiver is delayed, soon it will be encountered and the farmer will get the benefit.

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