Gruha Jyothi Telangana – Do This To Get Your Zero Current Bill For Next Month

Telangana government has launched the Gruha Jyothi scheme recently, which is one of the 6 guaranteed schemes. The government offers 200 units of free electricity under this scheme. Many households have already started to receive the benefits from this scheme.

The people have applied for the Gruha Jyothi Scheme through the Praja Palana Application. Beneficiaries have been selected based on eligibility criteria. Those who consume less than 200 units of electricity on average are given priority. Though the government has selected beneficiaries through an online process, many genuine beneficiaries have not received the benefit of the Zero current bill.

Do This To Get Your Zero Current Bill For Next Month
Do This To Get Your Zero Current Bill For Next Month

This happened due to mistakes in the online process of selecting beneficiaries. The process was automated to select the candidates who adhere to the conditions as designed by the government. But many genuine beneficiaries lost the benefits which seems unfair.

People who have applied for the Gruha Jyothi scheme and haven’t got a Zero Bill yet will have another chance to apply for the scheme. This time applicants have to submit their recent current bills paid with no arrears, Praja Palana Application Number, Adhaar Card and ration card to the nearest MPDO Office.

Applicants will have to submit the necessary documents and complete the paperwork as asked by officials at MPDO to apply for the scheme once again. This opportunity is only for people who have not been selected for the scheme even though they have eligibility.

Special countries will be set up to receive the application for the Gruha Jyothi scheme. People have to submit their application and receive the receipt. This initiative of the government to receive applications from the people who have missed the benefits is appreciated and people are informed about this opportunity.

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