Correction In Praja Palana Application | How Can Praja Palana Applications Corrected | Check Now

Important news for the people of Telangana, correction in Praja Palana application is now possible. The government is all set to implement Gruha Jyothi and 500Rs gas cylinders on 27th February. Well, people had doubts about the eligibility for the scheme. The government has given clarity on how beneficiaries will be selected for guaranteed schemes.

Revanth Reddy conducted a review meeting along with the Deputy CM and ordered officials to start the preparations of Gruha Jyothi and 500 Rs electricity.

Correction In Praja Palana Application | How Can Praja Palana Applications Corrected
Correction In Praja Palana Application | How Can Praja Palana Applications Corrected

In a review meeting, the government notified that many eligible beneficiaries might lose the scheme benefits due to a mistake in the Praja Palana Application that they have submitted. For instance, one might miss the benefit of free 200 units of electricity, if there is a mistake in card numbers or connection numbers. Those people should be given an opportunity for correction in Praja Palana application.

Correction in Praja Palana Application: How can you correct your mistakes in Praja Palana Application

The government will instruct various centers to provide opportunities for correction in the Praja Palana Application. Correction in Praja Palana applications program will be held at electricity bill collection centers and service centers. People who want to correct their mistakes in the Praja Palana application can visit these centers and correct their mistakes.

Also in every village electricity department is expected to conduct campaigns to create awareness about an opportunity for Correction in Praja Palana Application

After successful correction in Praja Palana application, you can expect the benefits from the Gruha Jyothi scheme.

How benefits will be credited: Gruha Jyothi and 500 Rs cylinders

For Gruha Jyothi and 500 Rs cylinders, people should have the necessary documents that prove their eligibility for the scheme.

For 500RS gas cylinders, the subsidy amount may be transferred directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries or the gas agencies. If it’s paid to the gas agencies then people who have registered under that gas agency will receive the gas cylinders at subsidized prices which is 500rs.

Keep updated with the latest information to know more.

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11 thoughts on “Correction In Praja Palana Application | How Can Praja Palana Applications Corrected | Check Now”

  1. Dear sir/madam
    Pls find my application praja palna… Iam apply for disable pension
    Thanking you

  2. Mujhe reshan card chayea.mera reshan nahi aaya tha is wajhe se hum ne rashan nahi liya thaa.hum ko pata nahi thaa ki rashan card band hogya hai.plz sir Mera card reopan kardo…..fir se meharbani hogi…..Hume bhote zarurat hai….

  3. My name is suraj belongs to poor backward class and working in small company, I have ration card but where I stay in rent house and we don’t have separate meter 😭 and coming to gas previously we use to cook on small 3kg Gas stove which available in commercial.
    Three months back we have taken new Gas connection from saving amount hope we get Gas in 500/- but again the government considering three year gas utilisation.

    Thank you government for giving good response for my voter.

  4. Whenever I check status on the given government portal with the application number it always shows Data on the application number not exist.. Then how I’ll know whether it is accepted or there is done error to be corrected.. Need clarity..

  5. I am a resident of H. No. 8-61, Srinivas Nagar, Chintal, Quthbullpur, Hyderabad-500 054,since 40 years, I have no ration card, I have applied many times in the past, being a Senior citizen aged 70 years old,how can I get such documents please help me.

  6. Sir,
    I have applied for eligibility of 6 plans with the following documents.

    Ration card
    Aadhar card
    Indane Gas bill for address etc.

    I am now 75 years old residing in Hyderabad since 40 years approximately. Presently I do not have any pension. I have applied for the same twice with the previous previous Government but there was no entry in the system at all. When I approached MRO office there was no proper reply I do not have option except to go back to my place. At least may I expect the Asara pension now.

    I do not have own house and staying in old age home, I do not have money to pay rent. I have applied for double bed room but so far no reply. So I applied for for house in Praja Palana application.

    May expect atleast now.


  7. Dear Revanth sir. My name is prafulla kumar Nayak. I am living Quthbullapur area since 24 years with rented house. I am very poor man doing security guard for living. I have Applied double bed room in year 2016.But illu raladu sir. I am supporter of congress voted congress. I have updated Adhar .voter.E.kyc Ration. I have Applied prajapalan applications indiramma indulu mother is very old asma patients she struggles for death any moment. In view of circumstances I Request you kindly Allot me indirama illu for my name. Thanking you sir.
    Jai congress. Jai Telangana.

  8. Hello sir revanth sir nenu prajapalana apply chesanu kani naku grahanyothi ravadam ledu application lo current not apply ani unde anta malli ela apply cheyali

  9. Namasthy CM sir I am srikanth parmisetti i am from khammam ,nenu maa nanna garu saparate ayyam maku ration card ledhu naa perumeda electricity meater undi kani nenu eligible khadu anthunnaru. ela sir


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